28 September 2013

Letters to no one.

Everything I did (you determine the start!), leading up to that exact point was all me.

And by me, I mean my head, and probably you too.

I'd just come out of being in a relationship, in which, yes!, everything amazing and everything a post-break-up affair should be!

I'm going to exclude the actual during and after effects of an affair where everyone is FRIENDS4LIFE until they do something wrong (and I won't say that I did not).

Then I get slapped in the face with what actual post-affair life is. If you don't get that who the heck else will?

Was I dick to people? Yes.

I don't feel like going through the motions right now, mainly because it's so far away here.

Were you and I equally awful communicators post-roomateship?

Hell yes.

Also, I took myself off of my meds in April 2012, but since I'm really good at being me, I never mentioned it, and as much as I'd like that to be an excuse for anything and everything, I felt, and knew, that you and I were already detaching. You told me your reasons in that email, but I felt it during the months leading up to being on the porch of 312 during Sandy.

That last part wasn't me being poetic or apologetic; it was me just saying things way way way after the fact.

I haven't had a crazy low blood sugar since the day I hugged you in very early May 2012 in the basement (yes, please!) , and I consciously carted myself off to Mamondies, and then brought you and J each $7.99 flowery plants from the Trader Joe's near the Fifth Avenue Center.

For someone who said "see you never" you see me a lot.

27 June 2010

I've crossed over the slick divide of twee, being thirty

29 September 2009

For awhile this blog didn't have any focus coming out from my end, and then the other day, as I watched a kid get what I was talking about, I thought it might be interesting to write more frequently and with focus:  henceforth, I'd really like my writing to be based on my experiences in the NYC DOE as part of their student-teaching program.

I am at a small school in Brooklyn, and my co-operating teacher will be out for the rest of the week due to a terrible (and sadly cruel) twist of fate.  I thought today might be a good time to introduce the unit I would be teaching starting on 5 October, but half-way through the lesson I realized that they haven't even been tested on what they learned in the previous unit.  Fuck.

I emailed my supervising professor for his advice about the situation- mainly about should I even be teaching with a substitute with little mentoring skills in the room, and he went ahead and called the principal.

Now I'm meeting with the principal tomorrow morning for a temporary reassignment, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she might be a little angry that I went to my supervisor before her, but my co-op teacher had her accident on Friday and I wasn't told about any of this until I stepped into the classroom Tuesday morning at 830am.

Argh.  I've joked about this a few times already, but the joke is wearing thin:  the job of this student-teaching experience is to also teach me how to navigate the murky and dangerous waters of a gigantic bureaucracy, and if I'm not even on the payroll yet I must be in for a real fucking treat from what I can tell from this preview.

Hell yes.

08 July 2009

I am seeing the BIG DUCK this Summer. Swell!